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Becky, Lost 50 lbs in 3 sessions

Kevin, Lost 22 lbs in 1 session

Becky says:

SlimMe1 is simply nothing short of a miracle! August 2008, I was 50 pounds overweight and struggling with Fibromyalgia. For over six years I struggled to lose this weight gained due to a late term miscarriage with no success. Nothing worked ...except SlimMe1. It has truly changed my life. I finally have emotional peace. I can run and play with my family. Grateful would be an understatement! I truly feel joy and clarity about my life and what I can accomplish.

Kevin says:

Besides my family, I have two passions-Outdoors and Food!! I love to eat! I had always been thin, eating whatever I wanted; then things changed. I didn't realize how much until I saw this photo of myself. Big eye opener! I won't say dieting is easy, but it certainly was worth it. Everything is better without the extra weight. Completing the SlimMe1 program has given me a new perspective on how I choose to eat! I have energy, physical and mental stamina to excel in all my endeavors and keep up with my family.

Kristie, Lost 21 lbs in 1 session

So, when I first heard about Slimme1, I thought like everyone else, it's just a fad diet, I'll starve, and then I'll gain all the weight back and then some after. But I saw the success some of my co-workers who tried it, and thought "what the heck". WOWIE!!! Slimme1 really does work! I lost a total of 21 lbs, and 25.5 inches! I lost the most inches off my waist and face, two of the places I wanted to lose it.

I was never hungry, felt satisfied with every bite, and feel in love with some of the recipes that they suggested (that I still make today). 5

Honestly, you already know from above it worked for me. And I think the reason was because my husband also did it with me for encouragement. We threw out all things we weren't allowed to eat, and only had things on hand that we could. I was a HUGE carb/sweets person, and like my glass of wine most nights, however, I don't have those cravings any more as a result.

Lia, Lost 24 lbs in 1 sessions

I am 38 yrs old. I am a stay at home mom and I just finished the program. I lost 23 lbs and 26 inches in 30 days. I had gained a lot of weight by just staying at home.

I wasn't eating the best foods and meals. What appealed to me about this program was the results I saw in other people, the structure, the guidance and the support you get the entire way.

I never felt confused, lost and I felt that I had support the entire time. I highly recommend this program. You can have the same results or even better. I am half way to my goal, to my ideal weight. I know I can reach it with this program.

Michelle, Lost 105 lbs in 4 sessions

In my first round of YP10 I lost 34 lbs and 43 inches from my neck to my calves. I have to say I have never done anything like that, so fast and amazingly so easy.

I am amazed how different I look. Even more amazing, is how different I feel. This program is not only about weight loss, but also about your health.

My cholesterol went from 203 to 157. I could feel the difference in my knees, my joints, etc.

This program works. I have tried so many diets in my life. When I did YP10, I was scared to come off after only 30 days because it worked so well.

I am grateful that I know that will reach my goal weight and I will thrive with it.

Teri, Lost 80 lbs in 2 sessions

Hi, I'm Teri, I'm a single mom of four amazing children I work in a medical office in Gilbert Az, I've been overweight since my first pregnancy 13 years ago. And in those 13 years I gained 140 pounds.

I tried every diet... I tried Atkins, south beach, you named it, someone said to drink it that would make me lose weight, I just did it. I tried even more diets and that didn't work at all. I tried weight watchers and I gained 10 pounds when the rest of my family lost weight

I decided I was going to hire a personal trainer and for 4 days a week for a year, I worked really hard. I did everything but nothing was

Changing. Then I found out about the YP10 System and the pounds started coming off. In 3 sessions, I lost 80 lbs. I still have more to go and I will use the YP10 System to achieve my goal

Tim, Lost 84 lbs in 2 sessions

I've lost over 84 lbs. and a little over 60 inches in just two 30 day sessions on this weight loss system. I've tried all the other programs out there and have not seen a lot of results.

On this one I saw rapid results, short period of time, loved everything that I've seen! The best part I've maintained it, I've been able to keep it off which is something I cannot say about anything else I've done.

I've struggled with my weight my entire life and finally got the point that I would do almost anything. Came across this program and it worked, it's helped me and it can help you to. All you have to do is make up your mind that you do not want to keep up the lifestyle you have. You want to be healthier and happier you want to have energy try it you will like it.

Yolanda, Lost 12 lbs in 1 session

The YP10 program was easier to follow than I thought it would be. The pounds and inches just melted off! I lost 12 lbs in 30 days. My best advice is to do exactly what the book tells you to do.

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The weight just flew off!
Lost a 114 pounds in 3 sessions! Justin "I weighed 370 pounds and felt like crap. I would get winded walking up stairs, I had to hold my breath when I tied my shoes, and I would sweat profusely when I was just sitting around. I decided
Nothing Short of a miracle!
Lost 83 pounds in 3 sessions! Tina "The YP10 program is amazing, nothing short of a miracle! Along with the Advanced Nutritional Support products, it has been the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time... maybe ever!
I am in charge of my body!
Lost over 75 pounds! Gina "I have been over weight since I was five years old and honestly never thought I would have a handle on it in my lifetime. I was always a very active Mother, Grandmother, Wife and Career woman,
I Can hardly believe it!
Lost 62 pounds in four sessions! Valerie "March 2011, I made a decision that changed my life. I committed to losing 50 lbs... 50 lbs of unhealthy fat! I had been carrying it around for the last 20 yrs! It has been one of the most

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