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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When are SlimMe1's support hours?
  2. What coupons and discounts are available? 
  3. Do I need to Lose Weight?
  4. What foods can I eat on the YP10 Weight Loss System?
  5. How do I take the YP10 Drops?
  6. What are the ingredients in YP10?
  7. What meal plan am I on?
  8. What is a promo code?
  9. Repeat the diet to lose more weight?
  10. Referring People
  11. When will my order arrive? Shipping Questions
  12. Tips for Success 
  13. Vegetarians and the YP10 Weight Loss System
  14. What can I eat on the diet?
  15. What products do I need to buy?

YP10 Quick Weight LossBuy Now!

How does it work?

See amazing weight loss results with our program! We have helped  over 1000 people lose over 200,000 pounds in the past 12 months alone with our special formulation, and perhaps best of all KEEP IT OFF! The YP10 (Your Perfect Ten) formula uses vibrational technology to work with the body to lose weight through appetite suppression, energy boost, mood enhancement and encouraging the body to use its own fat as an energy source all while being on a low calorie diet!

This exclusive formula causes a change in the metabolism enabling your body to mobilize fat out of the abnormal fat storage locations like your stomach, buttocks and thighs! By making your stored fat mobile and accessible to burn, your body requires fewer calories than normal to be consumed!

While on the SlimMe1 YP10 program, it is necessary to follow the food plan closely so that your body will burn fat rapidly. Because your body is consuming its stored fat you can lose amazing amounts of weight quickly and safely without hunger!  Having hunger? Call us and let us help adjust what you're doing.  Also by using this exclusive formula your body burns only the abnormally stored fat and not muscle!  This product is absolutely as amazing as it sounds! Most clients report feeling better than they have felt since they were young!

While using our weight loss formula you will also be on a low calorie diet that is specified in the program guide. The menu consists of proteins such as beef, chicken, fish and shell fish to name a few. Also on the menu are fresh fruits and vegetables. This plan can be modified for vegetarians.

 We've found that the YP10 Weight Loss drops have had great results with the people that have tried our weight loss program.  People tell us all the time that they have better results with us, than with other programs, they lose more weight faster.  They are also able to keep it off.  It's our opinion that the maintenance program works in conjunction with the hypothalamus to reset your weight baseline and enable the body to use stored fat differently than just being on a low calorie diet alone.  In fact, we've had people try to just do the low calorie diet without the success they see using our program.  And just as important, if you follow the program, you can keep the weight off!

What are the benefits?

This plan teaches you how to lose weight easier, faster & safer than ever before and has these benefits:

  • • Assists people in shedding up to 25+ pounds over a 4-5 week period.
  • • Assists in the reduction of cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • • Dramatically reduces the appearance of cellulite.
  • • Results in the disappearance of food cravings.
  • • Increases energy levels.
  • • Decreases blood pressure.
  • • Improves skin elasticity.
  • • Is safe and healthy.
  • • Doesn't require exercise or lots of time and effort.

Do not use this program during pregnancy. As with any weight loss program, it is recommended that you visit your family practitioner before beginning.



 Shipping occurs Monday through Friday except holidays. 

When can I expect to receive my order?

Most products are shipped the next business day and take 3-5 days to arrive.  You should receive an e-mail when the product is ordered and another when it is shipped.  
Occassionally products are back ordered and you should recieve an e-mail if this occurs.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Yes.  All orders are shipped by the US Post Office.  All orders except Detox Tea are shipped Priority Mail.  Individual orders of Detox Tea are shipped first class mail and tends to arrive in 5 business days. 

Do we ship to alternate addresses?

When you place an order make sure your billing addess is the same one associated with our credit card.  The zip codes have to be the same.  We do ship to alternate addresses from your billing address.  However, if you choose this option, we let you take responsibility for making sure that the order has arrived.  We've found that sometimes orders arrive on Saturdays and if you've shipped to a business address, you don't get notified that the package arrived.   It may sit at the post office for a week or more before being returned to us as undeliverable. 
It is best to have it shipped to your billing address.

I don't have my order and it's been 7 days, what do I do?

99% of orders arrive on time.  

If your order hasn't arrived in one week, please send us an e-mail via the contact form on our website.   You'll need to tell us the name on the order and your order number if you have it.  Please also leave your e-mail address and phone number.  We'll get back to you and confirm your order, its location and work with you to make sure you receive it.  
Please be sure that your e-mail system will allow emails sent from our domain name @SlimMe1.com   If your mail program blocks our response, we will have difficulties answering your questions. 


Tips for Success

How Can I get the Most Out of My Weight Loss Program?

1. Be committed.  Tell those that are supportive of your dreams what you are doing. 

2. Only eat the foods on the diet and rotate the foods you eat so you can have the best possible balance.

3. Get Involved! Let us support you and provide positive feedback.  Click the LIKE button on our fan page (facebook.com/yp10diet) or home page..  Post weekly on the fan page and let us share in your story.  This creates a mental commitment and helps your body to understand that you're serioius about the weight loss.  It also gives us a chance to support your progress, provide tips to assist you and answer your questions.

If you don't have FaceBook, how do we interact with you?  Go to our contact form and send us an e-mail and let us know how you're doing.  We'll send you a response back.

4. When you take the YP10 drops, it's important to look in the mirror to watch the drops fall under your tongue.  You can't really count the drops by feeling.  If you try to, you'll run out of drops about 1/2 way through the plan.

You can also take the drops by getting a 1 ml needleless (no needles) syringe from your pharmacy.  Most pharmacies will give it to you free or it may cost a dollar for a couple of them.  You measure off 0.45 ml (10 drops) it's about 1/2 the syringe.  This allows you to take the drops without having to have a mirror handy. 

5. Sign-up for our e-mail program when you first start the diet.  We have a superb e-mail program that shares tips in more detail.  They are timed for when you'll likely need that tip.  Special offers, prize drawings, and other items are also available via these e-mails.  Don't be left out.    Be sure to add addresses with @SlimMe1.com to your e-mail program so they aren't taken as spam. 

6. Commit up front that you'll share your story with SlimMe1 and the world.   Decide to be an inspiration to others.  Write your story as it occurs for you.  Or record it as a video or as an MP3.  Send those to the e-mail address MyStory@SlimMe1.com.  We'll enter you in our "Congratulations!" drawing.

7.  Read the weight loss manual, maintenance portion, take your measurements weekly, record your weight daily and write in your journal both about what you eat and also what you feel.  Be honest.   Write what you feel and think.  it will help you and help us if we need to help you. 

8. If you have questions ASK!  You have multiple ways to contact us.  We're a company committed to your weight loss success.  Take advantage of our willingness to support you and provide answers:  

  • The best way is via the facebook fan page facebook.com/yp10diet - usually within 8 hours. 
  • E-Mail us a question from our contact page.  Answers are usually responded to within 8-12 hours.
  • Call our help line:   8 am - 8 pm MST,  9 am - 9 pm CST, and 10 am - 10 pm EST  M-F
    When calling, please leave your cell phone number and your e-mail address, say it slowly twice.  Voice mails will be returned the quickest possible way.   Phone questions are usually responded to within 1-2 business days and sometimes on weekends.

9.  Remember to have fun with this.  It really is a super easy weight loss systsem and you'll be amazed at the results once you follow the program.

10.  Share your succes with others.  Challenge them to lose some weight.   Sharing is easy because as you lose weight, people will ask you about it.  Tell them your story and how much you've lost.   Ask them to use your promo code when they buy. 




Affiliate, Coupons, Referral Codes & Promotional Codes:  What Are They?  Where Can I Get One?

Can I get a Coupon, Promo or Referral Code for Me? 

First of all, our coupon, promo, affiliate codes are all words for the same thing.  They are a way to allow people to refer people to our YP10 Weight Loss System and earn rewards.  Whenever someone uses one of these codes purchasing online, our system tracks the purchase and sets up a way for us to reward your for your efforts. 

Currently our system uses coupon codes (also known as promo or promotional codes)  to track how you share the program with others and records whether they actually purcahsed.   Later in the year when our new website launches, we'll switch over to an affiliate code for tracking referrals.  Coupon or Promotional Codes are ways that let us track who you refer to us.  We like to setup WIN / WIN situations for our customers.   You help us and we help you.   You share your story with friends and family.   We pay you $30 in SlimMe1 Bucks OR $15 cash back, for each new YP10 Weight Loss System that is purchased using your your promo code.  

Payout is done quarterly if greater than $100 and yearly regardless of the amount.  You are notified via e-mail so make sure that your mail system will allow messages from @SlimMe1.com or you won't get notified quickly. 

Your friends receive a small discount when they buy the new YP10 weight loss system (typically this is 5%).  

You can obtain a promo code after you purchase the YP10 Weight Loss program.   

Ready to get your referral / promo code?   click here to request your promotional code. Enter your contact information including your order number.   Please tell us when you started your YP10 program, what your weight loss goal is and where you're at on the program.   In the body of the message, be sure to say that you purchased a YP10 Weight Loss System and the approximate date.  Then ask us to send you a promo or referral code so your friends can do the program.   Please be clear on what you're requesting. It takes 3-5 business days to process the request for a promotional code after your purchase of a YP10 Weight Loss System. 


Can I use my own promo code on my orders? 

No.  Your promo code is for referrals outside your immediate family.  


I haven't purchased anything can I get a promo code for myself?

No.  We really want referrals to be made from people that have done our YP10 Weight Loss program.  Its intended as a reward for you for losing weight and helping us by referring people to purchase our system.   


How can I discount my first order?  

You can go to our FaceBook page, push the LIKE button, use the exclusive offer promo code.  This has a higher discount and is a limited time offer. 

We sometimes send out specials in e-mail, tweets, and via the facebook.com/YP10Diet fan page.   These are infrequent and expire quickly.

Best way to discount your diet: Is  to simply do the diet, pay the initial up front cost.  Get the results.  Get your own personal referral code so we can pay you for your referrals.  And then refer your friends as they ask you what you did to take the weight off.   They usually start noticing about 2 weeks into the diet... especially those people that you don't see every day.   Refer 10 friends that buy the YP10 Weight Loss System, and you've paid for your system.   Or refer 10 buyers and get $300 in products from the SlimMe1 store.   

You can also enter our Congratulations Contest by sending your weight loss story or our e-mail address MyStory@SlimMe1.com.   By sending before and after pictures, we'll enter you twice in the contest.   For every 100 people that enter the contest, we award $100.   It's just our way of telling you thanks!


Can I get a discount by calling in an order and asking the agent to provide a coupon code?

I'm sorry but our online purchase system is specifically set up to capture the coupon / promo codes at the time you purchase.   You can only use one coupon or promo code per purchase.   If you call in an order and ask the person to provide you a promo or discount code, they will not be able to do it.   You need to know the promo or coupon code at the time you make the purchase. 


My Friend Bought and Didn't Use My Promo Code, How Do I Get Credit?

To help your friends and relatives use your promo code, I'd suggest that you text your friends your promo code, write it on a business card, send it in an e-mail, post it on your facebook page, tweet it to your followers.  Make it easy for them to find and use your promo code. 

And if they don't use your promo code?  I'm sorry, but we can't do anything about this situation.  If they purchase without using your promo code, then we can't award the sale to you as a referral simply because of the amount of manual effort involved to try to track it.   We simply cannot manually track these types of referrals. 







What can I eat on the Diet?  

Meal Plans

The YP10 Weight Loss System comes with a list of allowable foods, recipes for those foods, food suggestions for the maintenance portion of th diet, recipes for that portion of the diet, a measurement chart and a tracking journal as wells as the YP10 Drops.  The foods on the diet are all fresh foods that you buy in local grocery store.  There are not any processed or packaged foods on the diet.   The meal plan consists of you choosing a protein, a vegetable and a fruit from the list of foods for each of your meals in the quantities that we suggest.  The system has been specially maximized for weight loss, healthy eating, and breaking food adcictions like sugar, caffeine, etc. 

One of the great things about this plan is that recipes can be used for the rest of your family. The recipes are quick and easy to make.  You don't have to make a meal for you and a separate meal with completely different foods for your family.  They may eat more of the food and have additional items added to the main meal that you don't have, but the meals can be that easy to make.

Meal plans can be as flexible as you want to make it.  You don't have to eat all the foods on the list.  It's good to pick 3-4 proteins, veggies and fruits from the list so that you're not bored on the diet and you're keeping your body balanced.   A wider selection of foods helps your body stay balanced and improves the weight loss.   Other than the recipes and the food choices, you're not forced into eating a specific meal on this diet.   You can make up your own meal plans from the foods provided. 

Why is this referred to as a DETOX DIET?

This diet will help you break your dependence on certain foods like sugar, food addtives and caffeine.  Many people don't even realize that their eating habits have basically coated their intestines in mucous as the body tries to protect itself from the "junk" we eat.  When you do this diet and especially if you drink the Detox Tea as a part of the diet, that coating goes away and your body can then absorb more easily the foods that are healthy for it.  As you lose the fat, the fat breaks down and is flushed from the body by drinking necessary amounts of water and herbal teas.  The herbal teas can be purchased in your local food store. 


What Foods Are on the Diet?

The foods are broken into 3 groups: Proteins, Vegetables and Fruits.  Remember each of these foods is not required, they are choices.  You choose from the  list available.  I can't tell you all the food choices but I can share some of them with you: 

Proteins: Chicken, Very lean beef, Shell fish (not required, it is a choice), Fresh White fish, etc.

Vegetables:  Spinach, Chard, Lettuce, Celery, Tomatoes, Asparagus, Cabbage, etc.  

Fruits:  Apple, Orange, Strawberries, etc. 

Miscellaneous: Most individual spices, salt, pepper, lemon, stevia (100% natural zero calorie sweetner), herbal teas, etc.

See nothing weird here :-)


Can Vegetarians do the Diet?  

Vegetarians can do this diet.  Vegetarians tend to lose about half the weight as non-vegetarians.  So they can expect to lose between 8 to 18 pounds.

I'm not a Vegetearian, can I eat the foods in the vegetarian section?

Vegetarians tend to lose about 1/2 the weight.  Eating these foods may reduce your weight loss. So we do not reccomend eating foods from the vegitarian list if you do not have to.


What Products Do I Need to Buy?

What is in the YP10 Weight Loss System?

For the rapid weight loss of 15-30 pounds in 30 days, you need to buy the YP10 Weight Loss System.   The other products are available and helpful.  

The YP10 Weight Loss System is a complete system.  It comes with weight loss instructions, recipes for weight loss, maintenance section, recipes for maintenance, inches lost tracker, pounds loss daily journal.  And the necessary 30 days of YP10 Weight Loss drops.   Just add the food, weigh and measure and enjoy the experience of rapid weight loss.

Each YP10 Weight Loss System is 30 days of weight loss with 6 weeks of maintenance.   


Of the customers that buy a YP10 System, What do they buy?

About 40% of our customers buy a YP10 weight loss system without buying anything else. 

Another 50% of our customers buy a YP10 Weight Loss System and the Detox Tea.

The remaining 10% of our customers buy the YP10 Weight Loss System with different combinations of products:

  • Sampler pack of flavored stevia - sweetner, used to make flavored water
  • Detox tea - gentle cleaning of the intestinal track, regularity
  • Weight loss supplements pack - brings the body more balance during the program
  • Up B12 drops - caffeine can slow your weight loss.  The UP B12 drops are 100% natural, not stimulants but work as a replacement for caffeine. Don't take within 4 hours of sleep time.
  • Curb Your Appetite - Appetitte suppressant.  It doesn't have any of the properties that YP10 has for rapid weight loss. It is not a replacement for YP10.

What do we recommend?

What product do we recomend?

Since everyone's situation is different, it's hard to recommend what you need specifically.  We recommend that you review the products and get the ones that will work best for you!  You can also email in to our support team at support@slimme1 to discuss your weight loss needs.

What tips do we have?

We recommend weighing yourself on a digital scale each day.  It's a lot more fun seeing that you're a half of a pound down then trying to guess whehter you're up or down as on a non-digital scale. 

Make sure to buy your foods and have them on hand.  Most people are successful by having foods that you can eat on the diet ready to go when you need them.  

To get more tips sign up for our tip emails.

Amy has done the diet 5 times and droppped 170 pounds. 

Here's a couple of videos that may help you with these questions on products.  Amy Ryan started the program in 2011.  She was 175 pounds overwight.  She did the first 2 rounds of the diet using just the YP10 Weight Loss System with great results.   She did the next sessions with Detox Tea and really really likes the detox tea.  And the last sessions she added in some additonal products.  






Product statements made by SlimMe1 have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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