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YP10 Quick Weight Loss

YP10 Quick Weight Loss




YP10 Ultimate System
is our premiere product!

Lose up to 30 Pounds in 30 Days!  


Simply the Best

The YP10 Weight Loss System offers a complete program designed not only to help you lose weight quickly, but keep it off as well! This all inclusive program will give you all the tools needed to make a permanent change.

The YP10 Weight Loss System is designed to give you the ability of naturally burning excess body fat rapidly without hunger. The YP10 Weight Loss Drops contain a unique proprietary blend to rapidly burn fat, curb hunger and increase energy! We have complete confidence in the YP10 Weightloss System that we offer a 100% money back guarantee!

The Many Benefits of YP10

  • Fast results
  • Burns fat
  • Reshape your body
  • Dramatically reduce cellulite
  • No stimulants
  • Safe to use with most medications
  • Naturally detoxify your body
  • Easy to follow program
  • Lasting results!


Exclusive YP10 Formula

The YP10 difference is very clear. There are countless weight loss programs on the market today; few if any come even close to our amazing results. Our program, products and advanced nutritional support make this system a world leader in achieving overall health. The YP10 Weight Loss System has been perfected over decads to deliver unmatched results. Our YP10 Weight Loss Drops boast higher effectiveness by using the benefits of vibrational technology.

100% Natural, NO Gluten and NO Stimulants!


The vibrational properties in the YP10 drops help to relieve cravings, increase energy, promote overall health and aid in fat burning. Our recommended advanced nutritional support supplements continue to receive global recognition for their effectiveness in increasing and maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Easy to Follow

The YP10 Weight Loss System is easy to follow

  • You simply take the YP10 drops daily
  • Follow a specific meal plan
  • Watch the pounds drop off every day!

On this special meal plan you will be eating a specific reduced calorie menu of balanced nutritional meals. These foods can be easily purchased at any local grocery store. The miracle of this program is the decades of research done to find the best combination of foods to fuel the body with ample energy as the pounds melt away. This menu consists of a specific variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. When accompanied with the exclusive YP10 Weight Loss Formula, you will burn more body fat than with any other program available anywhere! Although on a reduced calorie menu, you will drop weight without hunger or fatigue!

The Specialized Meal Plan consists of fresh, lean proteins, lots of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits such as:

  • Lean Beef, Steak, Chicken Breast, White Fish, Mahi, Crab, Lobster…etc.
  • Fresh fruits like Citrus, Apples and Berries.
  • Salads, Spinach, Asparagus Tomatoes, Onions, Cabbage , Cucumber and more.

What Is Included?

By purchasing the Complete YP10 Weight Loss Program you will receive everything you will need to have a successful experience! Your purchase includes:

  • All Natural YP10 Weight Loss Formula
  • Step by Step Instructions that give details of exactly how to shed that extra weight and keep it off.
  • Specialized Meal Plan
  • YP10 Exclusive Cookbook that gives great recipes to keep your taste buds happy as you burn fat on the Specialized Meal Plan!
  • Great Customer Service! Have a question? Just ask; we are just an email or phone call away. We love to help you reach your goals.
  • Preferred Customer exclusive bonus programs!


Vibrational Technology

Science has uncovered a key to good health known as Vibrational Frequency Technology. Scientists have established that all life vibrates at particular frequency on the subatomic level. Higher frequencies are associated with good health, and lower frequencies with poor health.

Vibrationally charged liquids although similar to homeopathics are quite different. Vibrational technology uses signatures only and not a dilution of any particular ingredient. Many customers have been amazed at the increased results they’ve experienced using the YP10 Weight Loss System compared to seemingly similar products they have used in the past.

The YP10 drops are manufactured in the United States in an FDA reviewed lab.